The PipeFitter™ is a revolutionary hand operated tool
designed specifically for joining large diameter PVC plastic pipe and fittings.

The Pipefitter in action

Heavy duty version 2011

The revolutionary PVC pipe clamp and press tool

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The strong and versatile The PipeFitter™ precisely aligns the pipe and the fitting and using a jacking process pulls and presses the pipe into the proper fitting insertion depth. The PipeFitter™ maintains proper alignment during assembly, and holds cemented connections to prevent the fitting from backing-off until the initial set time is achieved.

Interested in technical details? Pipefitter Standard or Pipefitter Heavy Duty

The PipeFitter™ does the work of many men and will pay for itself the first day you own it. One man can align fittings and pipe, glue and prime both and in a matter of seconds powerfully complete a manufactures recommended union. This is a MUST HAVE TOOL for anyone who works with 3" or larger diameter PVC pipe. Typically, assembling 3" and larger diameter pipe requires at least two workers. One worker simultaneously holds both ends out of the dirt, glues, primes and aligns the ends for insertion while the other worker physically "pushes" the pipe into the fitting socket while the cemented surfaces are still wet. Unfortunately due to job site contaminates and pipe conditions (misshaped or deformed ends and close tolerances) the amount of force necessary to fully seat the connections is rarely accomplished. The end result is a weak and ineffective connection one that can leak and or separate during the back-filling process.

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Don't start your next piping project without The PipeFitter™. Remember, the
The PipeFitter™ is not available in stores, so order yours online today!
NOTE: versions for pipe-diameters of 4" to 8" are available now, 10" and 12" will be build on request only!

Interested in technical details? Pipefitter Standard or Pipefitter Heavy Duty

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