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News Release 05-12-11 – New Pipefitter “C” Clamp and High “Impact Closure” Tool

Friday, May 13th, 2011


NEWLY DESIGNED;  (VIDEO) “The PipeFitter™” is a revolutionary hand and impact wrench pipe insertion tool, specifically designed for joining large diameter  pipe and fittings.  No further need for “hand cranking” pipes together.  This new design uses an impact wrench to push the pipes together or in reverse, disconnect the pipes.

CMH Quality Builders announces a new series of Impact closure and Clamps for “The Pipefitter™”; available now for pipes measuring from 4” to 12” diameter pipe.

“The-Pipefitter™” new “C” Clamp and High Impact closure or open tool is expected to dramatically reduce the time and cost of  pipeline installation!

Paso Robles— May 12, 2011 — Today CMH Quality Builders announced immediate availability of “The PipeFitter™” (Patent Pending) “C” Clamp and Impact design, a revolutionary “New Single Action Hand Clamp and Impact tool” designed specifically for joining large diameter pipes and fittings.

The strong and versatile “C” Clamp for “The PipeFitter™” takes the worry and work out of joining 4″-12” pipe and conduit. “The PipeFitter™” allows 1 man to precisely align the pipe and fitting and using an impact wrench to connect each pipe together for proper fitting insertion depth. “The PipeFitter™” maintains proper alignment during assembly, and holds cemented connections to prevent the fitting from backing-off until the initial set time is achieved.  This new design allows The PipeFitter to extract the pipe or disconnect the pipes by reversing the impact wrench.

“The PipeFitter™” is expected to see unprecedented deployment success, said Mark S. Bills, CMO at CMH Quality Builders. It has already been accepted as the tool of choice when joining large diameter water, drain and electrical PVC pipe, in or out of trench applications.