The Pipefitter now connects 6″ – 12″ Schedule 40 & C900 PVC water pipe!

The Pipefitter (Heavy Duty) for diameters 6″ – 12″

The PipeFitter™  (Heavey Duty tool) provides 1 ton of precise mechanical pressing or compression power to replace ineffective brute force (pry bars, hammers, backhoe assist and stabbing) to complete strong, tight and dependable PVC pipe connections.

The PipeFitter™ now supports all PVC pipes.  Schedule 40 & C900 water pipe, produced in blue or white, conforms to the AWWA C900 specification, with gaskets meeting ASTM F477 and joints in compliance with ASTM D3139.


  • Distribution pipelines of potable water
  • Gravity sewer
  • Force main
  • Water reclamation projects

The PipeFitter™ is the tool of choice for jobs where the PVC pipe is being installed in the ceilings or areas where it is impossible to connect PVC pipe lengths that extends 40′ for each connection.  The PipeFitter™ fits on top or on the sides of the PVC pipes so that both male and female pipes can be attached and securely compressed together.  Using ratchet tie-down straps with high tension dimond grips are fast, easiest and safest way to secure the PVC pipe connection.  The dimond grips will not mare or scar the PVC pipe.  The ratchet tie-downs apply the perfect amount of tension to both male and female PVC pipes to secure the perfect connection each and every time.  Using The PipeFitter™, one man can easily make the connection and complete the job.


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