The “Clean” Pipefitter

The Pipefitter is now offering a new product for applications where your job calls for a clean PVC installation.  The Pipefitter now offers nylon straps and racketing device with rubberized clamping saddle for PVC pipe where the application calls for non-scratching or marring of the PVC pipe.

The Clean Pipefitter pricing for the 6″ is $469.95; 6” rubberized saddle only: $164.95

8″ is $569.95; 8” rubberized saddle only: $174.95

10″ is $668.95; rubberized saddle only: $184.95

The Clean Pipefitter allows you to tighten the straps with enough tension to hold PVC pipes without damage to the skin of the pipe…plus you can tighten and release for quick and safe installation.

The Clean Pipefitter is the only tool of choice for clean application of PVC pipes and for installing tough applications where it is difficult to join or connect PVC pipe, such as a ceiling installed water drainage line.


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