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CMH Quality Builders Announces The Pipefitter Availability
The-Pipefitter Expected to Dramatically Reduce the Cost of PVC pipeline Construction
Paso Robles— August 25, 2009 — Today CMH Quality Builders announced immediate availability of The PipeFitter™ (Patent Pending) a revolutionary Hand Tool designed specifically for joining large diameter (PVC) plastic pipe and fittings.
The strong and versatile PipeFitter™ takes the worry and work out of joining 3”-10” PVC pipe and conduit. The PipeFitter™ allows 1 man to precisely align the pipe and fitting and press the pipe into the proper fitting insertiondepth. The PipeFitter™ maintains proper alignment during assembly, and holds cemented connections to prevent the fitting from backing-off until the initial set time is achieved.
The PipeFitter™ is expected to see unprecedented deployment success, said Glen Bills, President at CMH Quality Builders. It has already been accepted as the tool of choice when joining large diameter PVC water, drain or electricalpipe, in or out of trench applications.
Record Rate of Customer Deployments
Many customers have already benefited from The PipeFitter™. Lott Construction (LC) an underground contractor recently committed to deploying The PipeFitter™ for use in all aspects of PVC pipe installation both in and out of trench. LC has found that The PipeFitter™ allows 1 man to do the work of many while ensuring that the connections meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. The PipeFitter™ takes the guess work out of the integrity of the pipe connection. I no longer worry whether it will leak or separate due to field contaminates, and or the failure to fully seat the connection through manual effort, said J. Lott, owner of LC. Failing a Mandrel test was always a worry, but not anymore, with The PipeFitter™, every union is water tight with a fully seated connection. No more water leaks or a separated connection after the trench has been backfilled.
The PipeFitter™ pays for itself within the first day of use, said J. Lott. One man can align fittings and pipe, glue and prime both and in a matter of seconds powerfully complete a manufactures recommended union. This is a MUST HAVE TOOL for anyone who works with 3” or larger diameter PVC pipe. Typically, assembling 3″ and larger diameterpipe requires at least two workers. One worker simultaneously holds both ends out of the dirt, glues, primes and aligns the ends for insertion while the other worker physically “pushes” the pipe into the fitting socket while the cemented surfaces are still wet. Unfortunately due to job site contaminates and pipe conditions (misshaped or deformed ends and typically close tolerances) the amount of force necessary to fully seat the connections is rarely accomplished. The end result is a weak and ineffective connection, one that can leak and or separate during backfill.

The PipeFitter™ uses 1 ton of precise mechanical pulling and pressing power to replace ineffective brute force (hammer and 2”x4” and or the heel of your boot) to complete a strong and fully bonded connection,) said, Glen Bills President of CMH. The PipeFitter™ quickly connects even large diameter pipe with “out of round or deformed” connecting ends by applying a powerful mechanical force to accomplish a speedy connection and the clamping power to hold the pipe in place until the solvent cement fully cures.

Founded in 2005 CMH Quality Builders has developed and patented a wide range of products and tools for working with and joining PVC pipe.


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