Technical Details

The PipeFitter™
uses 1 ton of precise mechanical pulling and pressing power to replace ineffective brute force (hammer and 2”x4” and or the heel of your boot) to complete a strong and fully bonded connection. The PipeFitter™ quickly connects even large diameter pipe with “out of round” and “gap” joint conditions by applying a powerful mechanical force to accomplish a speedy connection and the clamping power to hold the pipe in place until the solvent cement fully cures.

All-steel construction provides rigidity and strength for even the toughest jobs

Clamps securely holds fitting and pipe ends off the ground for clean and easy solvent cement application and proper alignment for joining

1-Ton Clamping Force

1-Ton machine press and powerful vice
Connects 2”, 3”, & 4" fittings and pipe

All in one work station securely keeps primer and glue where you need it

Clamps provide ample room for easy and dirt free primer and glue application

Versatile, light weight, easy and fast operation

You can even uses it as a handle to move large unwieldy lengths of pipe

Hand activated lever creates a powerful pulling and pressing force to fully seat connections.. Every time……

Highlights "The Pipefitter 4" and 6" (in braces):

Powerful clamps open up to 6” diameter
Produces over 1 ton of pulling power
Hardened metal jacking mechanism
Engineered for strength
Eliminates a 2nd worker
Large PVC pipes are easily handled
Work hands free
Easy to transport, easy to use
PVC Pipe workstation with cement and primer ready
No plastic parts to break or wear out
Saves time, Hassel and Money

Clamping Range:2”-4" (4"-6") Diameter
Max. Clamping Force:1 metric ton
Jack Method:Manual Ratchet Jack
Clamp Method:Adjustable Clamp
Max. Press Force:1 metric ton
Footprint:6" X 30" X 6"
Jack Travel:1” each click
Clamp Travel:Adjustable 2” to 4” (4" - 6")
Construction:Solid Steel

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